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Pros and Cons of Altium Circuit Maker
Thursday March 31st, 2016

Pros and Cons of Altium Circuit Maker


After spend time with Circuit Maker, there are some pros and cons of the software that would like to share.
Altium Circuit Maker is a new product of Altium which is free of charge for circuit design. Features and major settings are quite similar to Altium. It is easy to use especially for user which are familiar Altium before.

Altium Circuit Maker capable to design component library, schematic, and PCB. However, everything you design will be open to public which means anyone can access to see and use your design circuit.

• Free of charge
• Similar to Altium and has significant functions for circuit design
• Attractive software interface
• Sharing design and library which means you can access to anyone’s library include circuit and library inspection
• Other users can advice your work and how to solve your problem, etc.
• SVN is available

• Oblige you to share designs and library to Circuitmaker System. It implied that you shouldn’t design circuit that seems to be confidential or circuit of the company that is not willing to disclose to public because others can access and use all of your circuit.
• Must work online as it is obliged to save your work into Circuitmaker System.
• Program is quite slow, one reason might be all users have work via online Circuitmaker System.
• There are few shortcut keys that enable you to design. Important shortcuts are not provided. There are no necessary shortcut functions/ features, you have to spend more time to complete the design.
• Library system is complicated and slow. For example, if you would like to find 10K resister, it will show a lot of resistor in the lists to select. Of course, it takes time to look into details of each resister (time consuming).